Green Exportation

Objective / Description of the program

The Exporters Association Environment Programme has the objective of raising awareness, providing information and supporting companies to take better care of the environment.   

Taking care of the environment is understood as a cleaner production, higher energetic efficiency, recycling and waste management, among others. In general, it implies every measurable and certifiable action regarding environment management.

In the last years, awareness has risen worldwide regarding the need to take care of natural resources and to work in a sustainable way so as to preserve resources for future generations. As a consequence, it has become increasingly imperative for exporters to move forward in terms of business strategies that take care of the environment, as international markets already demand or will soon be demanding them

Even though environmental care is part of corporate social responsibility, it is also a strategy to compete better at an international level, to achieve deals that would not be achieved otherwise or to keep doing business in increasingly demanding markets.

What it is about

The UEU’s Environment Programme is supported by Banco República and it supplies subject-related information by the website, by UEU’s communications, and by events and workshops with guest specialists. In addition, the UEU gives its members advice, contact with public and private institutions which work with environmental topics and benefits in educational institutions, consultancy and certifications.

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