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We aim at collaborative work and that is why we promote the use of support networks that promote and facilitate our members’ and our own institutional management

MERCOSUR’s Foreign Trade Board – MERCOEX

MERCOEX is formally established on October 3rd, 1995 and it is composed by: Brazil’s Exporters Association (AEB), Argentina’s Exporters Chamber (CERA), Paraguay’s Importers Centre (CIP) and Uruguay’s Exporters Association.

Nature: its members are bi-national or goods and services sector-representative trade entities.

Objectives: facilitating foreign trade and promoting exports; representing exporters’ interests before related institutions; channeling communications among founding entities in all aspects concerning regional integration, especially those concerning trade flows inside Mercosur and between this block and third party countries.



Quality management network

Vision: a settled network that permanently generates innovative projects, products and services to benefit MIPYMES (medium and small-sized businesses, acronym in Spanish).

Mission: contributing to competitiveness growth of Latin America and The Caribbean MIPYMES.


  • Increasing by 80% the number of Medium and Small-sized Businesses linked to the Network which have implemented a Management System (Quality, Environment, HACCP, among others).
  • Increasing by at least 50% the certification of Management Systems for Medium and Small-sized Businesses in the network.
  • Creating knowledge and innovation.
  • Turning the Network’s members into strategic partners in each institution’s internationalization projects.
  • Interchanging expertise
  • Acquiring new methodologies and technologies.
  • Developing joint research.
  • Supplying early strategic information about quality tendencies worldwide.
  • Managing government and organizations’ funding to develop projects in each country.
  • Bi-national and multinational alliances.
  • Spreading knowledge through internships, workshops and publications.

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